AppleTV Software 4.4 Includes VoiceOver Enhancements

With the other software releases Apple has rolled out this week comes a new update to the iOS software which powers the AppleTV. Along with new features that provide access to movie trailers, National Hockey League coverage, etc, are some improvements to VoiceOver accessibility as well. Among the improvements are addition speech rate settings and the ability to activate VoiceOver without sighted assistance by triple-clicking the lower righthand button, (play), to toggle VoiceOver on or off.

Additionally, when used in conjunction with an iOS device such as an iPhone, iPod, or iPad running iOS 5.0, AirPlay no longer directs VoiceOver speech to the AppleTV, making it a much better experience for visually impaired users. Previously, the delay between VoiceOver actions on the device and the feedback from the AppleTV or other AirPlay enabled device made use extremely problematic.