The New Maccessibility Is Here

As we noted previously on Twitter, we’ve been working on an overhaul of our web site and services. We have launched the start of these changes today.

We’ve taken an Apple-like approach to this redesign, and have dramatically simplified the layout of our site to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, and to enjoy the resources on offer here.

One of our primary goals was to focus our efforts on a core set of features. We’ve been providing an enormous range of content on this site, and as a result, much of it was becoming outdated. Our resources are limited, and we simply couldn’t keep up with everything we wanted to do.

Below is a list of changes to the site. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can further improve Maccessibility.

  • A greater focus on news, podcasts, and commentary.
  • A new simplified layout to the site means that everything is only a tap or click away. Links to major sections are provided in the navigation bar near the top of every page, and the sidebar on the right provides additional information and links.
  • The old Lioncourt.com domain has been retired. All features are hosted exclusively at Maccessibility.net. We’ve done our best to ensure that all the old links to Lioncourt.com redirect to the appropriate locations here. Let us know if you find any broken links. If you host pages which include links to us, please update your links when you can. Lioncourt.com will redirect for the next several months, but will eventually be entirely repurposed.
  • Podcasts can now be listened to directly from their posts on our site. Simply click or tap the Play button. Older browsers, or those which do not support the MP3 standard, may not work with this feature.
  • The new Noted section will provide posts which link to articles and pages outside Maccessibility.net, often with some commentary from one of our contributors. These posts will be similar in style to those of sites like DaringFireball or The Loop.
  • New Like and Tweet buttons allow you to share posts on FaceBook or Twitter.
  • The new Listen Live link in the main navigation bar makes it easy for you to listen to the Maccessibility Podcast when it is streaming live.
  • An all new Contact Us page gives you a variety of methods to get in touch with Maccessibility and the wider community of visually impaired Mac and iOS users.

If you have questions, suggestions, or any other feedback, please feel free to tweet us or send us a note. We look forward to providing you with much more content in the future.