The Maccessibility Round Table Podcast #23 - In Which Marco Advocates and iOS 6 Arrives

In this episode of the Maccessibility Round Table Podcast, the knights are joined by their newest comrade, John Panarese, and discuss a range of topics, (listed below). This show was streamed live on 04/October, and our next live stream will be on 18/October at 12:00 PM EDT, 9:00 AM PDT. click or tap the “Listen Live” link in the navigation bar to tune in, and interact with us on Twitter.

  • We welcome the newest knight John Panarese from MacForTheBlind.com
  • We explain the recent site redesign and shift in focus of Maccessibility.net
  • We discuss the recent accessibility advocacy by mainstream iOS developer Marco Arement
  • We talk about Instapaper
  • We explore some of the changes in iOS 6 VoiceOver accessibility, including the new Maps
  • We examine some issues in iOS 6 and how to work around them