Fleksy goes free

We have always seen our keyboard as a universal technology, and as something that can help millions of users be more productive in their daily lives. We are today very happy to see that we are well on track on this mission, and we are working hard to integrate our technology in the next generation of hardware and software to come.

We realize that a good virtual keyboard is something users expect to be integrated on their device and be available in every application. This is by far the biggest request from our iOS users, and one that we can unfortunately not provide until each platform we target supports such functionality.

In our effort to bring Happy Typing to even more users, what we can do is make Fleksy on iOS free for everyone. We feel that making Fleksy part of the daily lives of many more people will help us continue to showcase how smartphones can be made both more accessible and useful for everyone.

I find the wording of these paragraphs curious. The specificity of “next generation” hardware and software seems like an odd choice of phrasing. I have no inside information whatsoever, but one has to wonder if the fact that the app is going free, coupled with the wording above hints at something else in the works. Could there be a built-in Fleksy keyboard in a future release of iOS? I have no idea‚Ķbut time will tell.