Zombies, Run! Accessibility Update

But first I’ve got bad news for people looking forward to the full VoiceOver support that we promised on iOS for Zombies, Run! 2 - it will not be available in tomorrow’s update. Instead, we will be making good on our commitment for full VoiceOver support in version 2.1, which we will release AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after April 16th. If you depend on VoiceOver to play the game, you should hold off on updating until 2.1 is out, when we will have made the game fully accessible.

If only all developers were this communicative! While this is a disappointment to many, the rest of this piece contains a lot of good information about why there was this delay. The good news is that it sounds like they’ve already finished the VoiceOver support, and will be submitting the update to Apple immediately. Hopefully, this will mean version 2.1 will be available for VoiceOver users very soon.

If you’re a fan of this game and rely on VoiceOver, this post is definitely worth reading.