LookTel Releases Update for LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial

This week, LookTel released a significant update to the free LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial app for iOS. This update adds two new lessons, effectively doubling the apps content.


The new lessons cover such things as exploring the phone keypad and in-call screens, as well as answering and sending messages to incoming callers.


Two new mini-games are included, as well as a fun interactive scenario simulating an in-call phone directory situation so that customers may become familiar with using the iPhone’s keypad when they may need to interact with such in-call directory systems in real-life.


Below is the App Store link and description for the LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial.


LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial in the App Store


This app provides a basic introduction to VoiceOver and the gestures used throughout iOS. Persons new to VoiceOver and IOS are guided through the tutorial with a pleasant mix of facts and entertainment. Once the app is started with VoiceOver running, the text and elementary games provide a practice of the basic gestures used with VoiceOver and IOS. As each new gesture is introduced, it is accompanied by an interactive practice screen. The core basics are covered:

- tap, double-tap, and split-tap gestures
- flick right and flick left
- two-finger-double-tap
- the rotor gesture
- the up and down flick.
- two-finger single tap
- two-finger flick up and down
- double-tap and hold
- three finger flick up, down, left and right

A VoiceOver Basketball, and a VoiceOver Safe game provide opportunities to practice these core gestures. An explanation of the use each gesture has in IOS is provided, along with a summary of all the gestures introduced in this tutorial.

This app may be used independently by anyone new to VoiceOver and IOS, or within a class, seminar, or introductory instructional setting.

LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial Support

What’s New in Version 4.0

New Chapters 3&4 added - tutorials about the use of the phone.