MRTP 134: Silence the Voices

In Episode 134 of The Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast, our knights discuss:

  • Follow-up: WWDC
  • VoiceOver can read text inside images
  • Drag and Drop with VoiceOver
  • airPod changes in iOS 11 and Holly’s new airPods
  • Unfortunate news about the Orbit Reader 20
  • Twitter question: Latency in airPods
  • Audio Description updates
  • Shelly’s new iPad Pro
  • watchOS 4
  • Twitterrific for Mac
  • Type to Siri

Knights on this episode:

Links For This Episode

  • From AppleVis: What’s new in Apple accessibility
  • From ACB: List of Amazon described videos

Sponsor for this episode

This episode is sponsored by iOS Access for All, a book by Shelly Brisbin. Learn to use your iPhone or iPad accessibly. Get it at  iosaccessbook.com.