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★ The Maccessibility Dev Podcast #1 – Using Xcode with VoiceOver


In this test pilot podcast, we discuss using the Xcode development environment with VoiceOver, including some useful settings, the layout of the main interface, and the basic usage of InterfaceBuilder. If you find this developer focused podcast useful, please let us know here. Whether or not we produce more shows like this one, will depend on the interest.

→ From Marco Zehe: An overview of accessible app.net clients

In this blog post, I will cover accessible clients for the app.net service, ordered by platform. It will be updated with new information as I become aware of it. I will also mention some apps in each platform’s “Other” section that I’ve tried and not found accessible, or which have problems severe enough to prevent productive use.

Great piece by Marco Zehe on the Accessibility of App.net clients. Not only are Mac and iOS clients covered, but Android, Windows and web clients are also discussed.

★ Maccessibility to Livestream Coverage of the WWDC Keynote

This Monday, June 11, Apple will kick off their Worldwide Developers Conference with a Keynote event.  It is not know what will be discussed at the Keynote, but at the very least, Apple is expected to preview updates to both OS X and iOS, (their desktop and mobile operating systems).  

As usual, the regulars of the Maccessibility Podcast will be on hand, streaming coverage of the event.  If you would like to listen, point your media player of choice to http://darcy.serverroom.us:8576/listen.pls?sid=1.  The keynote is scheduled to start at 1 PM eastern, 10 AM pacific.  Our plan is to start streaming at around 12:30 PM eastern.  

If you would like to interact with us during the stream, the best way to do that is to use the #VoLive hash tag on Twitter.

★ Domino Train for the iPhone adds accessibility.

Here at Maccessibility, we would sincerely like to thank Steven Melzer, the developer of “domino train”, for adding VoiceOver support in the latest release of his game.  It is important for us to recognize and applaud developers who make the effort to make their apps accessible to those of us who are visually impaired.


Domino train is a version of mexican train for the iPhone, and it is lots of fun to play  It was demoed on the most recent Screenless Switchers podcast.  It costs $0.99 on the app store, and we encourage everyone who enjoys fun and addictive games to check it out.

★ The Mac-cessibility Round Table Podcast #17 - iOS 5 and Other THings


In this episode of the Mac-cessibility Round Table Podcast, the knights discuss the latest features of iOS 5 (including VoiceOver), accessibility improvements in Xcode 4.2, VoiceOver changes in AppleTV 4.4, Siri, and the new iPhone 4S.

Also, on 29/October/2011, the knights will be recording a special Q&A episode of the podcast. You can send your questions into ask at maccessibility.net, or interact with us live at 1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT on Twitter using the hashtag #VOLive. Further details are forthcoming.