Stem Stumper, a new and exciting accessible game

Ananse Productions has just released a new accessible puzzle game for IOS called Stem Stumper. The basic premise of the game is that you are Mimea, a vine who needs fertilizer to grow. You navigate around a garden, avoiding or destroying obstacles and finding and eating the fertilizer. It sounds like a simple enough premise, but it’s one of the most challenging yet addictive games I’ve seen in a while. It uses a unique combination of music and sounds to guide you around the garden. For fully sighted players there is an audio only mode as well. The game is completely compatible with voiceover, there is no need to disable it during game play. At $1.99, it is definitely worth a look. This is hopefully the first in a long line of successful games for Ananse Productions. The game is available by clicking the above link or by searching for “Stem Stumper” in the ios app store.