Apple and GW Micro Team Up to Make iTunes Accessible in Windows

In addition to the massive accessibility improvements to iTunes 8 with VoiceOver on the Macintosh platform, GW Micro has just announced that they have been working closely with Apple to bring the Windows version of iTunes 8 to users of Window-Eyes, the most powerful screen reading solution for the PC.

In a statement posted by GW Micro on their public mailing list, Aaron Smith writes:

Some of you have hinted that the new software feature were were hiding in Window-Eyes 7.0 was support for iTunes. Well, guess what? You were correct. iTunes 8 has just been released, and it works very nicely with Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 3. Even the iTunes store is now completely accessible in Browse Mode.

GW Micro and Apple have been working together to increase the accessibility of iTunes, and the

latest version of both products proves the success of that collaboration.

While there still may be a few quirks here and there, I encourage you to download iTunes 8 (assuming you’re running Window-Eyes 7.0 Beta 3), and try it now.

Apple’s commitment to accessibility seems to now be extending to Windows users as well. This is a fantastic improvement and we’re glad to see access to iTunes being offered to visually impaired PC users as well.