The Mac-cessibility Round Table Podcast #1 - Reboot

The Mac-cessibility Podcast has been reborn as a round table discussion show, dealing with all things related to accessibility of Apple products. The show is planned to have a new episode once a month, starting with this week’s episode entitled "Reboot".

Topics covered:

  • Introduce this month’s panelists, including Holly Anderson, Darcy Burnard, Cara Quinn, Steve Sawczyn, and Josh de Lioncourt.
  • iPod Shuffle 3G, its multi-lingual support, and the possibility of more TTS languages coming in VoiceOver.
  • iTunes 8.1 accessibility changes.
  • iPhone software 3.0. Is accessibility coming? Are we getting closer?
  • The Author’s GUild’s objection to text-to-speech in Amazon’s Kindle 2. What does that mean for TTS in other portable devices like iPods or a possible future accessible iPhone?
  • Safari 4.0 public beta accessibility changes.
  • General discussion of the state of accessibility on the Mac platform. How is the Mac perceived by non-Mac users of the visually impaired community? Is the perception improving? What myths are still persisting? Has Apple’s participation at CSUN helped?

Other resources and show notes: