The Mac-cessibility Round Table Podcast #2 - Sedated

It’s time for this month’s edition of the Mac-cessibility Round Table Podcast. This month’s episode is #2, entitled "Sedated". Josh de Lioncourt’s sound quality is not quite on par this time, for which we apologize. He was travelling and away from his usual equipment.

Topics covered:

  • Introduce this month’s panelists, including Holly Anderson, Darcy Burnard, Cara Quinn, Eric Troup, and Josh de Lioncourt.
  • Accessibility of third-party products, and the response from developers to Apple’s approach to access.
  • Front Row and what it offers the visually impaired in comparison to other home entertainment products.
  • DRM-free music and variable pricing has come to iTunes.
  • The new "Get a Mac" ads.

Other resources and show notes: