iPhone OS 4.0 Features Unveiled

Today, Apple took the wraps off of the much hyped iPhone OS 4.0 update. It will be released in beta form to developers today, and be available for users in the summer for iPhone and iPod touch, or in the fall for iPad users.

Some highlighted features included:

  • Multi-tasking: Listen to radio streaming applications, receive Skype calls, receive GPS navigation, and much more while performing tasks in other apps via multi-tasking. Apple says they’ve managed to provide this functionality without sacrificing battery life or performance.
  • Better organization of apps on the Home screen will allow users to group apps into folders. You can even keep a folder on the Dock.
  • Enhanced Mail app provides a unified Inbox view for multiple accounts, support for faster Inbox switching, opening attachments in other apps, and conversation threading, along with other features.
  • iBooks will be available for iPhone/iPod touch users, and will sync page locations and bookmarks across devices.
  • More support for enterprises, including additional encryption options.
  • New social network for gamers.
  • iAds will provide developers with a way of displaying advertisements inside their apps that will enhance the user experience and help keep the prices down for applications.
  • …and more…

All told, Apple boasts over one-hundred new features for end users, and over fifteen-hundred new API’s for developers to make use of in third-party apps.

iPhone OS 4.0 will be available for users of the iPhone or iPod touch this summer. iPad users will have to wait until the fall.