Apps for Children with Communication Difficulties by Smarty-Ears

We’ve recently been made aware of an assistive technology software company named Smarty-Ears LLC., which develops a range of iOS apps to assist children with language or communication difficulties. Smarty-Ears’ apps are designed to improve communication skills in fluency, articulation, language, and more.

Smarty-Ears was founded by Barbara Fernandes, a practicing Speech and Language Pathologist. Her vision of speech therapy, as described on the company’s About page, goes beyond the use of paper and pencil materials; she is an advocate for contextualized language. She believes that Speech Therapists can use modern technology tools to improve practice and services.

In addition to Expressive, an augmentative-alternative communications (AAC) application for iOS, Smarty-Ears also offers iTake Turns, Yes/No App, Match2Say, Articulate it!, Spanish Articulation Probes, and /r/intensive.

It is both fascinating and marvelous to see the wide range of uses Apple’s products are being put to for individuals with a vast array of disabilities. We hope to see this trend both continue and accelerate.