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→ MacForTheBlind.com Explores the new iPod Nano with VoiceOver

As one has come to expect from Apple, accessibility is built right into the device out of the box. Of course, the Nano doesn’t have an external speaker, so you need to use the headphones that come with it. Also, setup has to be done by connecting to iTunes, since it doesn’t have wireless capabilities. You also need to turn on VoiceOver through the Universal Access options in iTunes, though you can set the triple click home option to work for VoiceOver on the iPod itself in the Accessibility settings area once you have the device synced through iTunes.

This is a great hands-on piece on using the iPod nano 7th-generation with VoiceOver. Check it out. It’ll make you want one.

→ Apple Introduces New iPod touch & iPod nano

Apple® today introduced the new lineup of the world’s most popular music players including the incredible all-new iPod touch® and reinvented iPod nano®. The new iPod touch is the thinnest iPod touch ever and features a brilliant 4-inch Retina™ display; a 5 megapixel iSight® camera with 1080p HD video recording; Apple’s A5 chip; Siri®, the intelligent assistant; and iOS 6, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. The new iPod touch comes in a gorgeous new ultra-thin and light anodized aluminum design, and for the first time ever, iPod touch comes in five vibrant colors. The new iPod nano is the thinnest iPod® ever featuring a 2.5-inch Multi-Touch™ display; convenient navigation buttons; built-in Bluetooth for wireless listening; and the new iPod nano comes in seven gorgeous new colors.

★ The Mac-cessibility Round Table Podcast #22 - A Visit to the Legendary Planet of Mac-rathia


In this episode, the knights offer up some picks of great software for OS X and iOS.

Also, if you’ve seen our white mice, do let us know!

★ The Mac-cessibility Round Table Podcast #21 - WWDC Aftermath


In this episode, our knights discuss the WWDC key note announcements from Apple, including the new MacBookPro with Retina Display, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, iOS 6, and more. Our Twitter listeners try to start a campaign for Josh to go by MountainLionCourt to commemorate the launch of Apple’s new Mac OS, and, if you stay tuned after the credits, we offer some behind the scenes outtakes.

★ New Facebook app makes accessing Facebook easier for VoiceOver, updated

If you are a blind person, you understand the love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Facebook likes to change their interface about monthly, and it gets frustrating.  Active Information systems has developed an app called voice book VO that helps with this.  It is a basic Facebook app for ios.  So far you can only really read and interact with your news feed and post statuses.  But having said that, the ease of use of accessing the Facebook newsfeed is well worth it.  The developers say they are working on adding extra features as well.


A word on how to use the app.  When the app opens, you will see the first item of your newsfeed, to see other items flick up and down as you would if you were using the rotor or a picker.  To access options, double tap on the item.


This is a very basic Facebook app, but being able to browse the newsfeed quickly and easily makes up for that a bit.  Here’s hoping the developers will add more to the app and make it even better.


The app is available in the app store, and is free.  So go check it out.  Update, many people are getting confused because there are multiple apps called voicebook, make sure you get the app called voicebook vo.